We are now open (source)!

Just dropped the whole game-engine source in sourceforge project.From now on, source, releases, bug, TODO and features lists will be placed in sourceforge. news will still be placed here.Our address in sf.net: https://sourceforge.net/projects/rockman-engine/

Lidando com bugs

[nota do editor: a partir de agora vou recriar os posts em inglês e depois português] Eu estou atualmente no processo de resolver alguns problemas com o motor do jogo. O primeiro é scrolling [movimento […]

Dealing with bugs

I’m now in the process to solve some problems with the engine.The first one is scrolling, while it has been fixed and also helped closing other nasty problems in the code found while re-implementing the […]

Game concepts

While development is a little slow (using my free time for other kind of fun things) I’ve started to think about the game design itself. While player characters are basically done (Rockbot and Betabot) we […]

Player 2 – READY

[English]Just commited to our internal subversion repository a big update including a new, improved and easier animation system and support for simultaneous two player game. Also, a first version of our custom made graphics, that […]