What should I do when I discover a bug?
Read this guide, then send a report, most complete as possible, and send by email to or report it on our github project page.

How do I provide information about a crash?
Follow instructions on this link to enable diagnostics on your device:
Next, follow the steps until the game crashes again, and a report will be sent to analysis.

The Game Crashes
Besides the previous steps to enable reporting, if you have some expertize into using computer command-line apps, you can also send us logcat data from the crash, it will be most helpful. If your device is rooted, you can also install a logcat client and send use the log file. Send an email to with all information you can get, including device model and Android version.

A problem happens on my XYZ device
Please take in account I am a single person developing in my free time and non-paid, so I can’t go and buy exotic, or expensive devices. The ones I test on, are my own private usage models. If you can send a device with the problem, I will gladly work to fix the problems on it, otherwise, it can be very hard to do so.

I found a bug
Write down and email to adding as much as you can about the moment the issue happened. If possible, add screenshots or a video of the issue.

Where can I change settings?
1. On the game start screen, pick config

During game, press start to enter menu, then press R to enter config

Music is choppy or just noise on my device
Open settings, pick Android section, then change Audio Buffer Size setting. Increasing the size of the buffer may solve the issue, but adds delay to sound effects during gameplay, so try picking the lowest value possible that works for your device.

When I press one button, like jump, other like attack or dash is also activated
This is caused because the button pressing area is actually bigger than it’s visual area and, Depending on your screen resolution and sensibility, they can overlap each other. To solve that, got to Config -> Android -> Button Spacing and increase the value to ano that works better for you.