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So what is this Rockbot?

Well, tu put it simple, it is a game in the vein of classic, retro, platform games from the past with a modern touch. While based upon NES era, it has original graphics and storyline, besides an editor (Windows and Linux) that allows people to create their own games using same engine.

The game uses art from company XXX and game YYY!

On older versions, we did used some art, just because we know, for fact, that the company not only does not mind, but is also supportive of this kind of games. But, because Google itself won’t understand this, we replaced all graphics. They might even look like a copy, but are original or recreated just by inspiration of the style, not a copy.

But, if you still think we are using art that is from somewhere else, being graphic, music or sound effect, instead of just flagging the game, please, just let us know about that. If we can’t track the origins from free art we used, ot built ourselves, and show that to you, we’ll gladly comply and replace that if we figure it is way too similar to a copyrighted material. No worries, just talk to us.

When a new version or update will be released?

Let me explain one thing in first place. When you look at that cool logo of “Upperland Studios”, you might think, that is a huge company with dozens of employees and hundrends of millions of dollars in the bank, so we can use that money to make free games, right? Sorry to say, this is far from the truth.

Upperland Studios is just a name, in truth, Rockbot is developed, most of the time, by a single person, Iuri Fiedoruk, in home in free time, during holidays or weekends, with some sporadic help from other people. We did not get so far any monmey with the game, actually it gives us expenses as we buy some machines and devices to build and run it. Everybody working on the game has their own jobs to pay their bils, we do not make a living making games.

This is a hobby, not a job, so please understand that and do not keep asking us for features and versions dates. Unless you give us the money to live by making games, don’t demand any schedule, as none will be given, ever.

What is the game license?

Code is all GPL v2, graphics and sounds are Creative Commons Share-Alike, as well as the music created by Jmd, while the other music are licensed under

Can I create my own version and distribute?

Do that only if not using our graphics, music and sound assets. You you create your own assets, we’ll gladly not only allow redistribution of the game engine and edito, but also we can help you out by implementing things you need in the engine.

What is your relation with game-company XYZ?

None. We are fans of retro games and we are not affiliated to any company that produced them or similar games that are our inspiration source.

What come of the versions for Nintendo DS and Playstation 2?

As the DS SDK have critical issues with SDL, mostly in the sound part, it is very hard to develop a multi-platform with DS in mind, having to deal with the memory, speed and resolution limitations; thus, the DS port will only retaken when the engine is mature enought so we can focus exclusively on optimization and reduction.

Rockbot is just a MM in purble. Did you copy the graphics?

First, about character concept of a robot-boy, it is not a concept created in MM games. The character style and story are actually a tribute to Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy, that happens to be the inspiration for Megaman. If you are not familiar with this anime/manga, take a look here and you will recognize in a lot of concepts from it in Megaman games:

Look closer. No, seriously, just look closer. I will help you:

Not soe similar now, is it? We follow the aspect ratio and size, this ends making a similar STYLE art, but not a copy.

Now, let me explain this, yes, in the past we used art from that game. The company that makes it do not mind, they actually are OK, even if not giving formal authorization. But heck they even distributed a fan-game themselves.

Not a single pixel from the original was used in our version. But people just assume “it is a bat, it is a copy”.

Now, Google does not think that way, that is why we changed the art, more and more and more. Because even on the case we created original art, not a copy, but that was a tribute and inspirated by that game, we were accused of stealing.

First one is MM, second one was ours, created from zero but following the sizes that led to same eyes, for example. Third is a complete overhaul, but that still people would call stealing. So we ended with a tottally new, from an author that granted user rights.

Some people go to mad theories like we steal the energy indicator, yeah, those red colored balls, that are used in a lot of games like Duck Tales since forever. Man, there isn’t much ways to draw a ball with so few pixels that won’t look like another game that uses the same concept. This does not mean it is a copy, how hard do you think is just to draw a ball? It takes a few seconds in the Gimp!

Stairs. Ours, in the right side, don’t even align very well top/bottom because was made, you know, just by drawing in Gimp.
No, our blue pipes are NOT from Mario, it is just fracking pipes.

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