Help Wanted

Right now, most of the development in Rockbot is done by just one person, but now and then we receive contributions from other people, and any help is welcome. Those are some of the areas where you can help this project to grow even more:

  • design: concepts for enemies, stages and bosses, with schematics drawings of the idea to be used as basics for graqphics creation.
  • pixel-art: put the ideas in the way the game will be presented is the most challenging task of development, but also the most rewarding one to see the results.
  • computers and consoles: Rockbot’s code is highly portable, and we have ports running in Windows, Linux, Playstation and more. But, in some cases, it is difficult to make the game to work without owning the original hardware. If you have a device you want Rockbot into, you can port it and send us your modifications to merge into the code, or you can donate of the device for us to do it ouurselves. We already know the code can run in Nintendo Wii and Mac OSX, as we already executed some testing in both, but stopped as we needed the device for further testing.
  • music: we use Amiga-MOD and XM file-format with songs that recall games from 8-bit era; if you are a chiptune composer and want to show your work, Rockbot can be your way of doing so.
  • coding: Rockbot’s code is open-source, available in sourceforge through SVN, and it is written in C++ with SDL library used for graphics and sounds.
  • translation: we are studing the idea to add multiple languages to the game; but for doing so, we need mainteiners to keep¬†each language updated.

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