Tips& Tricks


You can enter config by the start-screen or while in the in-game menui.

[Android] You can use a bluetooth or USB joystick and configure the buttons.

The input options allows to customize controls.

[Android] When using a joystick you can hide the on-screen controls, as those are not needed. In case you don’t have access to the controller anymore, the on-screen controls will remain working, so you can use them to return the config to true and see the controls again.

Each button or direction can be changed in the Config Buttons option. Enter each available command in the list, and press the button in the keyboard, on-screen touch controls (Android only), joystick or gamepad to set it as the new value. Please note that the names the game use for buttons (A, B, X, Y, L, R, Start and Select) not need to match the actual keyboard or gamepad input name.

You can enable turbo mode, so that the character when keep shooting while you keep the attack button (B) pressed.

You can enable auto-charge option so you don’t need to hold down the attack button for the charging attack to be powered. Note: not all characters have charging attack, so this might not be effective for them.

[Android] You can improve quality of music, but it won’t work in all devices. Due to a bug in the Amiga-MOD music library that the author won’t fix, some devices have distorted music, so we replace with MP3, but this causes quality of the music to be much lower. If you want to try the high-quality Mod format, go to Audio settings.

Audio Options.

You can choose to use old versions of game’s music. Those music are free ones from The Mod Archive and were used in older versions of the game, being replace by JMD’s ones. You can still use them, if your device supports Amiga-MOD music format.

If sound effects volume is too high, you can set the music and volume in the settings.


Once you finish the game, two new characters are unlocked.

  • Each character has its own different abilities.
    • Rockbot is the only character that can slide instead of dashing. The difference is that sliding can move under narrow passages.
    • Beta can’t charge his attack, but shoots two projectiles at once, making easier to hit the enemies.
    • Candy can shoot in diagonal up and down and has double jump, but she can’t shoot while walking nor dash.
    • Kitty can execute a dash while in middle air. She has a powerful attack the ignores enemies shields, but it is a very close range one. As a street-cat, she know some Kung-Fu and can obtain the power of the uppercut and a spiritual energy fireball.

When getting armor pieces, each character gains different abilities, try each one of them for very different gameplay!