Monthly Archive: January 2010


Now on WordPress

Our previous solution for the Rockbot website, that consisted of a blogger that was dynamicaly imported using PHP and RSS, was giving us too much trouble. So, we decided to start using wordpress, and...


Steady Progress

Work is being done nicely, and beta 3 promisses to be a really good one. See this small preview: Here is the list of features, and it’s status, that will be in the next...


Beta 2 released

This is a big day for the Rockbot project as marks the first release that already have a good foundation and a plan for features. Go grab the beta 2 build for Windows in...


We have a plan! (besides take over the world)

We are deciding a list of features each beta will need to acomplish. This is great, because it is cleaner to see and think what needs to be done, in an incremental way, instead...


Intro Screen

It is still a bit sharpen, but it is great to have at last one decent intro screen 🙂