Game concepts

While development is a little slow (using my free time for other kind of fun things) I’ve started to think about the game design itself. While player characters are basically done (Rockbot and Betabot) we need to start to think about bosses, enemies, and the most difficult part in my opinion: the background.

[Rockbot first draft]

For bosses, I’ve started, in the best Megaman’s and Capcom’s tradition, a contest between my friends for ideas, concepts and design. While they have priority, anyone is welcome to participate, just post a comment in this topic.
Enemies and background need to have bosses decided first to get started, and I’m afraid drawing backgrounds will take a long time so for now, we’ll use very simple backgrounds, and eliminate as soon as possible the ones I’ve got from RPG Maker.

So, while the idea for this game is to have and editor, I’m focusing in harcoding most things, exept for the graphics and stages; so do not expect to create a game using it for a while, first we need to create a game for developing the engine with it. First version will be just a megaman-like game, not an editor like RPG Maker.

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