First build, history and graphics

Some time after submitting the code, we uploaded a windows build of the engine. It is very basic, contains some bugs and is just a proof of concept, but we would like to have feedback about it, so go grab it and comment about ūüôā

While Betabot is already very different than original graphics, Rockbot just looks like.. a mod over Megaman graphics. And that is what it is, for now. We are working hard to create character design to be distinct from the original Megaman series. First drafting in paper with pencil, then Aris creates Corel Draw versions (soon to be posted here) that we change until decide it is good enought and simple to adapt to pixels; then in the last part, we try to create pixel art based on the designs, and this is the part we have most difficulties and need help. But I hope by the end of the week, we will have a original version of its graphics, or at least a version moddified enought as betabot is.

History is a different animal. It is very easy task and we already have good ideas of things we can improve over the original megaman series:
– an intro stage like megaman x4 before selecting on of the 8 bosses
– dialogs in key parts. Like in megaman x series or megaman anniversary collection: other characters talk and explanin things
– tokyo 20xx ad enviroenment (based in the same kind of universe)
– bosses will talk, like recent megaman x games
Basically, while Megaman and Protoman protect the city (in the game they are cited as “heroes” because we won’t use the names), a young scientist called Canotus, inspirated by the creations of the benevolent Dr. Light, creates two fighting robots, called Rockbot and Betabot, to help out in small missions while the big-ones are occupied. But a new raid of enemies happen and the heroes are now missing, so Rock and beta have to take the crown and fight the bad guys in their place.

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