I want you to make it the same as game XYZ?

Originally, Rockbot was inspirated directlyu from a game series, but because of acussations of being a fraud, trying to make so that people would wrongly assume we were an official game from other company, that was NOT the case at all, we opted to take a different path from, now on and make it as much as original while keeping the feeling of retro gaming. So, no, we won’t make something like the other game, nor we’ll restore something from our previous versions.

I want that a feature returns to what was when based upon game XYZ.

Then go and play game XYZ. Everytime there is someone insulting us like thieves, pirates or copy-cats,m we don’t dwelve on this swamp terrain. Rockbot is now a game with its own identitity, even if we drink from several sources.

Why the art style was changed? I liked the old style better because it looked like XYZ game!

Let’s go again… The XYZ game is nor Rockbot and vice-versa. We changed the art style to avoid people attacking the game as copy of other games, this chibi (super-deformed) style was picked because it both pays tribute to old games (like the japanese version of the XYZ game) as well as to be very different than previous style so people won’t confuse both anymore to avoid a lot of headache to us. About you like liking it, that is a personal opinion, other people may like; I recommend you to make your own game in the style you prefer, but get ready and be cool minded, to listen to people when they say it now “is ugly” or “amateur” 🙂

Will you create Rockbot #3?

No. Unless someone just appears at our doorstep with all the graphics and music assets, well defined documentation on enemies and bosses behavior, we have other plans. We’ll make a MetroidVania game that will be very different than Rockbot.

I want the game ported to Switch, XBox, iPhone, PS5, Steam or other.

Well, I wish I had all those devices to port the game, but I can’t afford them all. If you are willing to donate any of those, I will be glad to do the porting. Some newer devices like Playstation 4 and 5 also need an official SDK and a company willing to publish the game in the official store also. I’ve already took a look into Steam, but the fee to try to publish a game, with no garantee that it will end in the store, is just too much high.