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New versions 1.21.040 and 2.01.040 released

Thanks to Yama Droid for the bug reporting. Fix destrin rain of bombs exploding on the ceiling. Fix invalid AI state that made enemies to stop moving. Fly-to-Player was not changing directions to face...


Finally, a new version

Update: I fixed the issue with the download links, the cause was a WordPress plugin that stopped working. A new versionf or Android is already on the Play Store with several fixes, and the...


Stage Redesign

I am doing a redesign of the last level in Rockbot 2, and also improving things and fixing bugs. I am also working into adding back an intro, even if mostly text, bosses dialogs...


Calling out translators

Want to help translating the game to another language? Checkout this page:


Update Story (RockBot #1)

In the far future… Advances in biogenics and cybernetics led to the creation of a new race, called “Bots”. While they look young, they actually do not get old and are stronger and more...


All Chibi (Super Deformed)

To avoid any comparison with that-game-that-should-not-be-named, I am changing the style of the enemies and characters in presenations to be all Chibi style. The sprites will be the same, but faces and cutscenes will...