Better quality code

Most work being done in Rockbot lately is just the rewrite of old code. This is happening for several reasons, such as the original code being based on a RPG and not an action game, new need when engine envolves to support multiple players and projectiles, and finnaly because Rockbot is meant to be a kind of “learning” project, not only for me, but for people who will read the code, so I’m trying to make it more legible.

[TTF fonts in action]

As news, we have working support for SDL_ttf and using some old-school fonts, some fixes in sprites, an shooting. For now, the shooting does nothing more than draw the projectiles on the screen, but it already led to a lot of bug fixes because it showed some fails, and some optimization. Now I need to fix the scroolling, that is based on a really old code and concept, that I need to re-work from scratch.


All in all, it is a boring phase for the project now, but things are looking really bright for the future.

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