Finally, beta4 is here!

UPDATE: Fixed missing links in downloads page, sorry for that 🙂

This long awaited release has been delayied several times for adding support for a new platform, the Playstation portable (PSP) and making sure it is a solid, with few bugs version. I hope the delay will pay off and you will enjoy a great game, that still have problems and is not finished, but is finally taking shape enought for a decent test-run, as now you can finish the game from start, or simply input a password and go right to the final stage 😉

Go to the downloads page, and get it for any of the platforms supported: Windows, Ubuntu 12.10, Linux(TGZ), PSP, PS2 and Dingux (we’ll also try to make Open Pandora packages soon) give a try!


New Features:

  • Memory leaks fixed
  • Killing NPCs drop items
  • Editable colorcycle
  • Editable link to final boss teleporter room (one has 8, other has 9 teleporters)
  • Editable “can fly” property for NPCs
  • Better edition for boss faces on stage
  • Do not show empty dialogs
  • Editable Artifical Inteligences for non-boss NPCs
  • Fix the old scroll-lock (screen not moving) bug
  • Disappearing blocks
  • NPCs returning after dead when out-of-screen
  • Logic in editor for jet and coil items
  • Logic in game for drop items
  • Save on quit/leave
  • Fix sound in PS2
  • Can set NPC weapons (2) on editor
  • New font, new music, new graphics
  • SEVERAL, and I mean really SEVERAL bug fixes
  • Interrupt charging on door, death and when leaving stage
  • Save Castle stages
  • Password system
  • PSP Port
  • 5 Skull Castle stages (with no NPCs yet)


Known Issues:

  • Apebot’s stage is abnormally slow in handhelds
  • Using L/R with no boss beaten shows an invalid weapon with skull as icon
  • Placing Coil item to your left makes player under it, being not able to move until it disappears

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