Beta 2 released

This is a big day for the Rockbot project as marks the first release that already have a good foundation and a plan for features. Go grab the beta 2 build for Windows in our project page.

Some of the new features added in this beta are:
  • revised and incrementd NES palette to use current black colors
  • added ESC key to leave game in intros too
  • fixed the screen’s left side extra one pixel
  • fixed NPC sprite background overlapping PCs
  • changed NPC graphic
  • fixed bug that players are one pixel above ground
  • fixed scrolling to make floor always visible
  • vertical scrolling together with horizontal not working
  • a dead NPC is still blocking the shoots
Linux still do not have a build, but we plan to create deb packages for Ubuntu (always the lastest version, currently 9.10) and a Playstation 2 build starting from the next beta.

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