Versions 1.21.067 and 2.01.067 released!

After a long and due vacation from developing Rockbot, I’m releasing this (mostly) FINAL version of the game. The changes are quite long, and I tried to restore some functionality that were removed due to Google’s removing the original game from Play Store; like lifes and in-game weapons selection menu.

But more important, I did finish at least Rockbot 2 stages and enemies. While there are still some things I would to add, given the time to do so, this is now a complete game.

There are some defects, like with collision against enemies, but because this is actually beneficial to the player, I left those there for now, as I want to shift my focus to my new game, Project Firefly. Also, some ports like Dingux and PSP are missing, because either I could not get it to build, or it just did not run properly. I will try to get those later.

Go to downloads section to get the builds.


  • #2: Zodiac and Dragon faces are using the old art in stage select screen.
  • Defect #138 – Circle projectilew (MageBot) should not be reflected by shield.
  • Better adjust in position for Glue.H grabbing the wall.
  • Fix hitboxes/vulnerable-area when facing left.
  • #2: Adjust hitbox for Kurupira so player can jump over him.
  • Some sound effect were ignoring the disabled audio option.
  • Lifes and continue/game-over are back.
  • Improved weapon menu with list of weapons, itens, lifes and armor-pieces.
  • New object type, crusher, like a sledgehammer going down.
  • #2: Circus stage adjustments.
  • Add missing reaction in ai for player very close (1/4 of move-distance).
  • #2: Fix Beasdt IA, so he now dashes to player before using claw attack.
  • #2: Fix bosses names in credits.
  • Editor: update frames when changing between enemies.
  • Zero value for damage multiplier was being ignored.
  • #2: Added Destrin Ship that spawns after beating Destrin Machine.
  • Improve sfx delay by lowering audio buffer size.
  • #2: New music from Simone Bernacchia
  • Keep showing “Upperland Presents” when showing the “new character available” message.
  • Warning of new characters only appears first time you finish the game.
  • When boss-intro is interrupted by timeout, sert animation to avoid locking him into freeze AI state.
  • Fix HUD’1s boss text position.
  • Weapon and Special tanks were not recharging weapons at all.
  • Can now store up to 9 special and weapon tanks.
  • Clean input before showing boss dialog.
  • Daisie sprites improvements.

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