Finally, a new version

Update: I fixed the issue with the download links, the cause was a WordPress plugin that stopped working. A new versionf or Android is already on the Play Store with several fixes, and the other ones will be launched here too.

After a long time having only Android updates, due to the removal os some functionality, we have a new version for several platforms, once we added the functions back in a new style.

You get grab the new version for both 1 and 2 in the Downloads page, as usual. A new Tips and Tricks section was also added into the FAQ to learn how to configure and take most of the game.

For the moment, we have versions for Android, Windows, Linux, Dingoo and PocketGo. Some platforms like Wii, PSP, PS2 and others that need more tests and adjusts with the new codebase, will be added soon, keep tuned.

Any issue with one of the versions, please let us know.

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