Stage Redesign

I am doing a redesign of the last level in Rockbot 2, and also improving things and fixing bugs. I am also working into adding back an intro, even if mostly text, bosses dialogs and other cool things from previous versions; always taking measures to change enough so that people don’t mistaken it as copying other-game-we-do-not-mention-anymore.

Oh, and I had forgotten to update the FAQ for Rockbot 2. There are good and bad news. Good one, the game will be free, to avoid any issues due to people flagging the app for being similar to that-other-game. Bad news is, once I finish the current redesign, that is it. I will go back to my new game, that has a tottally news engine, is metroidvania style, and use all new art in HD and both Rockbot 1 and 2 are done, caputz, finito. Not even bug-isses unless necessary to some port or a really blocker.

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