Future Iterations

While we prepara for beta3, we are also looking to the future releases to plan witch features will be incorporated in each one, here is a small glimpse of what will be made:


Beta3: bug-fixing, new Artificial Inteligence (A.I.) system, A.I. for all bosses, Jet item, Coil item, better sprite system in editor and game.


Beta 4: bug-fixing, password system, in-game settings, skull-castle stages, better colision system using different sizes for each individual frame, projectiles/weapond editing


Beta5: bug-fixing, large code-optimization, refine editor and disable all non-used fields, key-config setting


Beta 6: better intro, better ending, inter-stage sequences like Ninja Gaiden, start porting (Android, Dreamcast, XBox, PSP)


RC: After that, a series o Release Candidate versions will be released, keeping file-format compatibility and focused only on bug fixing. Versions 1.X will have automatic file-format conversion, so; if you create a game using 1.0, the file should work fine on 1.X editor (and after adjusts to fill the new parts, playable).


Version 1.1: Artificial Inteligence editing, optimization using threads, create multiple NPCs using the same graphic-file with different colormaps


Version 1.2: Implement two simultaneous players


This surely will take a longe time, as this is a one-man project, but having a road map is good to keep us motivated to create a game that people will enjoy and a future engine that people will use to make their own Megaman-like games> Please, keep an eye on us and get reasdy to test beta 3 next need 😉

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