Happy birthday Rockman/Megaman!

Today is a very special date, as Rockman (Megaman in USA) celebrates it’s 25th anniversary!

Watching the release of Street Fighter vs. Megaman that was made by a fan and now supported by Capcom-Unity also makes a homebrew developer like me smile a bit and again focus on working in Rockbot’s code once again after a while.

And for that special date, I need to write an explanation on Rockbot’s current status:

The lack of news was due of me being a bit tired, as a single person developing almost everything into a game sometimes becomes boring, you have no one to exchange ideas with or some support when doing hard tasks. With day-work requiring much of my strenght and causing pain in my spine due to long hours sitting in a chair in front of a PC, Rockbot work was put aside for a few months.

In the last week I was finnaly able to resume working on it, and already coded all of Ape Bot’s Artificial Inteligente (AI) and great part of Daisie Bot’s too. Most of work is to create small functions such as “jump_to_player” where the enemy will execute a jump in the direction of the player, function that will be used not only by robot masters, but also small enemies. Another area of work are special attacks and improving a lot of the ┬áprojectiles system, so it supports a large number of attack types and variations. In short, a lot of boring work that will drasticaly improve all enemies on the game and, when you play our next beta and face Ape Bot, you WILL undoubtly understand ­čÖé

So, when is the next release? Well, I have 10 days of vacations in this year’s ending, that probally win’t help much, as I will travel and won’t have much time to code, but in february I’ll get more 20 days, so expect something in middle-march. Our plan is have all bosses working fine – instead of just standing there – and special weapon (coild, jet) working again, and with some luck, get sound working on PS2 and get a build for PSP.


That is it, good christmas and happy new year to everyone!

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