About Ongoing Development

First and foremost, I want you to please notice, Upperland Studios is not an actual company, nor we gain any money from the game right now. Rockbot is a homebrew game, literally; and I have a daily job because making free games does not pay any bills. Check the FAQ for further details.

Now about the recent development of Rockbot 1 and 2, sadly I need to inform there is none being done currently.

This year is by far one of the most complicated in all my life. In short, I was fired from a job I loved, the new job is good, but I’m still learning about the system I’m developing for, so it takes a lot of energy from my person. There were other family problems, and during this very complex time my older brother passed away. A lot more happened after that, so I had no mindset to work on Rockbot anymore.

I am still recovering from the series of unfortunate events and, meanwhile, I am focusing in renovating my apartment. With the help of my dear wife, I painted the room that we use as an office for our computers and games because I got new furniture to hold all my game consoles, DVDs and some toys I do collect. I will now paint the bedroom, that will receive new furniture to store bed linen and other stuff, so my house becomes more organized, as I also organize my emotions and toughs.

I hope you please understand that, this is why Rockbot’s development is not a priority on my life right now. Once I again feel the passion for developing games, I will resume work, rest assured. But for now, I will take a break.

Iuri Fiedoruk.

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