Rockbot 1.20.75 released

Here is a new release for Rockbot1, with lots of small touches, bug fixes and an incredible new soundtrack by Simone Bernacchia.
Some builds are still being built, so please be patient. Also, my Playstation 2 crashed a while ago, and the replacement I got, just also died, so there is no way I can test the build for this platform right now. Also, there seems to be a problem in OpenDingux with sound not playing, I will investigate when I have more time.

This should be the last update in Rockbot1, unless some really nasty bug is found. From now on, only Rockbot2 will receive any attention.

Release notes are as follows:

  • New soundtrack by Simone Bernacchia!
  • Enemy projectile not moving if he is not on-screen
  • Bring back classic stage selection
  • Bring back castle stages intro
  • Dash shadow effect
  • AI: fly+dash to player
  • ANDROID: fix crash in boss credits
  • Font outline for better reading
  • New door object for middle-stage bosses
  • New graphic for stage-boss teleporter
  • Show commands (< > ENTER, etc) on manual’ bottom
  • Separate manual parts between game-specific and general
  • Got weapon music playing two times, should not play on colors celebration

As usual, you can grab it from our Downloads page.

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