Rockbot 2 FAQ

What is the release date?

Let me explain a thing first. When you launch the game and see that “Upperland Studios” logo, you can think that we are an actual company, with millions of dollars to throw away in development of free games? Sorry to tell you, but this could not be further away from realty.

This is how we started, just my home computer in 2007.

Upperland Studios is just a name. Actually, Rockbot is developed, most of the time, by a single person, Iuri Fiedoruk, at his home, during his free time, weekends and holydays; with the occasional help of friends like my wife and boberatu that make much of the used sprites in the game. We never got money from the game so far, by contrary, we spent with development licensed, aquisition of new devices and computers for programming or creating assets. That is why, everybody has daily jobs and don’t live making games.

So, please, do not demand thaqt the game is finished quickily, because it comes in second place after our personal lives, being just a hobby, not a profession. Unless someone shows up and pays for us to stay at home, working only on creating Rockbot, no specific dates will be ever given.

Nothing major changed, still a computer, this time with more toys around.

Meanwhile, you can get the beta and incomplete for the full version in out google plus community:

Why the game does not have all bosses?

You must be using the demo version of the game. This one will never have all the bosses, because it is build for people that want to try out the game before buying the full version, this one, yes, will have all the bosses. You can obtain the full version, even if it is still incomplete as the development is not quite finished, joining our google plus community:

There is a warning about free version on the game itself.

Will Rockbot 2 be paid?

To avoid further issues, it was decided that the game will now be free.