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Yep, still working

[lang_pt-br]Nós ainda estamos trabalhando no beta4, a falta de notícias aqui no site é apenas em razão de que estou de férias, por isso me concentro em aproveitá-la ao máximo, para descansar, me divertir...


Beta 4 kickoff

[lang_en] In this last weekend, work on beta 4 has been started with great success. The new colision detector and movement handler are almost completed, and work much better than in beta3, and the...



I’m using my free time between beta 3 and 4 to rethink some parts of the code and to draw, here is one parcial result:


Beta 3 released

This release adds Ubuntu and Playstation (both USB and CDROM) packages to the Windows one. Please notice those known bugs while testing it: projectiles are clearning the screen in the wrong position (above) sometimes...



While we wait for beta3 to have all of it’s bug list squashed, we can already start looking to the future, and here is what beta4 has planned to bring: must find a way...


Now on WordPress

Our previous solution for the Rockbot website, that consisted of a blogger that was dynamicaly imported using PHP and RSS, was giving us too much trouble. So, we decided to start using wordpress, and...


Editor Update

Uma figura vale mais que mil palavras.A picture is worth more than a thousand words.



I finally learned what I needed to use Qt Creator + Qt Developer to create the editor UI in a easy way, so the plan to drop the Qt editor in favor of the...