While we wait for beta3 to have all of it’s bug list squashed, we can already start looking to the future, and here is what beta4 has planned to bring:

  • must find a way to determine the jump size by the time of button pressed
  • create a new animation system, that have individual frames with duration [add_frame(posx, duration)]
  • redesign whole game intro (use in-game like graphics)
  • create graphics of players in several angles to improve graphics ideas
  • revise whole collision detection
  • add some animation using color cycle in intro by switching palettes
  • working staircases
  • indicate when a player is blocking the scrolling (using a P1/P2 above it’s head)
  • load NPCs from the game/map file
  • editor: allow user to set p1 and p2 starting position
  • editor: allow user to add boss door
  • editor: add npc support
  • editor: add line tool
  • music
  • sound effects
  • NPC movement types (wait, attack, loop, left to right and right to left)
  • NPC must return when killed and out of players vision
  • create transitions between two differente stages (like a boss door, or a staircase)
  • add boss (Apebot)
  • compile the game for Nintendo DS (no real build yet, just start testing)
  • make the screen rendering in real time, use a small part out of the screen to render when necessary instead of rendering the whole thing at once (this probally will reduce around 3~4 MB of memory usage)

Have suggestions for what we should implement first? Write a comment here.

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