1.0 Beta 5 (finnaly) released

The 12th Doctor (Doctor Who) is announced, the 5th beta of Rockbot is also announced!

Grab it while hot in our downloads page.

No new is good news

As Rockbot is a project, basicaly, made only by one person, sometimes I need to take “vacation” from it to rest, play videogames and relax a bit, mostly when my day-work leaves me with no desire to code (AKA, I am in a boring project). And that was what happened in the last two months, I’ve played a lot of Playstation 3, emptied the mind, and now, slowly, I’m returning.

I reorganized a lot of tasks ahead, making each beta version smaller and adding a 7th beta to the list. Those last versions tend to be really slower because I have to face off some bugs that are still from the project start and are mostly difficult to solve. Anyway, in a general way, what we have ahead is:

BETA5 (DONE): lots of bug-fixes, skull castle stage intro with path indicator, move some classes to sub-folders in project, experimental android port, remove threads, fix dynamic background flickering, centewred-weapon can be destroyed, fixed technobot colorcycle affecting menus, fix crash when leaving game, fix turn in NPCs, add in-game config, a beaten stage can have a different tileset and background, NPC with static background, add weapon support in editor and more, .

BETA5 (Ongoing): stages adjustments, replace copyrighted tiles by free or custom ones, break bosses artificial inteligence into new chain system, add option for PSP to change between fullscreen or windowed, fix for transition screen and dynamic backgrounds, gravity-level for NPCs, destroy NPC centered-weapon by using TNT Flash, editor adjustments and code cleaning.

BETA6: better teleporting stop-method by checking first non-blocking tile (from bottom to top), better ending credits, move drawing methods to draw class, bolts and shop, AI jump-up and jump-down, fix max projectile logic for weapons, setup rock and beta differences.

BETA7: fix for 3rd level of tiles on transition screen, remove build warnings in all platforms, implement different frame sizes in game collision, create spawn-npc AI action, NPC death AI, action, NPC hit AI action, optimize memory usage by using game_data directly when a copy is not needed, new/better intro.

RC1: optimization, reduce memory usage

After 1.0: Ports for Dreamcast, XBox, OSX and Wii; more optimization and code checking with cppcheck and coverity

Finally, beta4 is here!

UPDATE: Fixed missing links in downloads page, sorry for that 🙂

This long awaited release has been delayied several times for adding support for a new platform, the Playstation portable (PSP) and making sure it is a solid, with few bugs version. I hope the delay will pay off and you will enjoy a great game, that still have problems and is not finished, but is finally taking shape enought for a decent test-run, as now you can finish the game from start, or simply input a password and go right to the final stage 😉

Go to the downloads page, and get it for any of the platforms supported: Windows, Ubuntu 12.10, Linux(TGZ), PSP, PS2 and Dingux (we’ll also try to make Open Pandora packages soon) give a try!


New Features:

  • Memory leaks fixed
  • Killing NPCs drop items
  • Editable colorcycle
  • Editable link to final boss teleporter room (one has 8, other has 9 teleporters)
  • Editable “can fly” property for NPCs
  • Better edition for boss faces on stage
  • Do not show empty dialogs
  • Editable Artifical Inteligences for non-boss NPCs
  • Fix the old scroll-lock (screen not moving) bug
  • Disappearing blocks
  • NPCs returning after dead when out-of-screen
  • Logic in editor for jet and coil items
  • Logic in game for drop items
  • Save on quit/leave
  • Fix sound in PS2
  • Can set NPC weapons (2) on editor
  • New font, new music, new graphics
  • SEVERAL, and I mean really SEVERAL bug fixes
  • Interrupt charging on door, death and when leaving stage
  • Save Castle stages
  • Password system
  • PSP Port
  • 5 Skull Castle stages (with no NPCs yet)


Known Issues:

  • Apebot’s stage is abnormally slow in handhelds
  • Using L/R with no boss beaten shows an invalid weapon with skull as icon
  • Placing Coil item to your left makes player under it, being not able to move until it disappears

Quick Preview of Beta4

Boss for the second stage on Skull Castle.

Boss for the second stage on Skull Castle.

Como beautiful waterfall made with the new colorcycle editor.

Como beautiful waterfall made with the new colorcycle editor.

Second stage on castle.

Second stage on castle.

Creating the first castle stage. We first edit without any graphics, so we can test it before the hard work of placing individual tiles.

Creating the first castle stage. We first edit without any graphics, so we can test it before the hard work of placing individual tiles.

New colorcycle edit tab.

New colorcycle edit tab.

New Artificial Inteligence (AI*) editing tab. You can now control the behavior for all NPCs without messing with the game's code.

New Artificial Inteligence (AI*) editing tab. You can now control the behavior for all NPCs without messing with the game’s code.

New part in editor: you can now add/edit sprites for a NPC each animation type.

New part in editor: you can now add/edit sprites for a NPC each animation type.

Finished the editing of projectiles.

Finished the editing of projectiles.








Beta 3 released (Saint Mary Edition)

This release is a tribute to all people of the beloved city of Santa Maria (Saint Mary) where I lived for more than 10 years and suffered a horrible tragedy yesterday. Rockbot is with all the families and victimis at his mechanical heart.

Get it, as usual, in the downloads section.

Future Iterations

While we prepara for beta3, we are also looking to the future releases to plan witch features will be incorporated in each one, here is a small glimpse of what will be made:


Beta3: bug-fixing, new Artificial Inteligence (A.I.) system, A.I. for all bosses, Jet item, Coil item, better sprite system in editor and game.


Beta 4: bug-fixing, password system, in-game settings, skull-castle stages, better colision system using different sizes for each individual frame, projectiles/weapond editing


Beta5: bug-fixing, large code-optimization, refine editor and disable all non-used fields, key-config setting


Beta 6: better intro, better ending, inter-stage sequences like Ninja Gaiden, start porting (Android, Dreamcast, XBox, PSP)


RC: After that, a series o Release Candidate versions will be released, keeping file-format compatibility and focused only on bug fixing. Versions 1.X will have automatic file-format conversion, so; if you create a game using 1.0, the file should work fine on 1.X editor (and after adjusts to fill the new parts, playable).


Version 1.1: Artificial Inteligence editing, optimization using threads, create multiple NPCs using the same graphic-file with different colormaps


Version 1.2: Implement two simultaneous players


This surely will take a longe time, as this is a one-man project, but having a road map is good to keep us motivated to create a game that people will enjoy and a future engine that people will use to make their own Megaman-like games> Please, keep an eye on us and get reasdy to test beta 3 next need 😉

Happy birthday Rockman/Megaman!

Today is a very special date, as Rockman (Megaman in USA) celebrates it’s 25th anniversary!

Watching the release of Street Fighter vs. Megaman that was made by a fan and now supported by Capcom-Unity also makes a homebrew developer like me smile a bit and again focus on working in Rockbot’s code once again after a while.

And for that special date, I need to write an explanation on Rockbot’s current status:

The lack of news was due of me being a bit tired, as a single person developing almost everything into a game sometimes becomes boring, you have no one to exchange ideas with or some support when doing hard tasks. With day-work requiring much of my strenght and causing pain in my spine due to long hours sitting in a chair in front of a PC, Rockbot work was put aside for a few months.

In the last week I was finnaly able to resume working on it, and already coded all of Ape Bot’s Artificial Inteligente (AI) and great part of Daisie Bot’s too. Most of work is to create small functions such as “jump_to_player” where the enemy will execute a jump in the direction of the player, function that will be used not only by robot masters, but also small enemies. Another area of work are special attacks and improving a lot of the  projectiles system, so it supports a large number of attack types and variations. In short, a lot of boring work that will drasticaly improve all enemies on the game and, when you play our next beta and face Ape Bot, you WILL undoubtly understand 🙂

So, when is the next release? Well, I have 10 days of vacations in this year’s ending, that probally win’t help much, as I will travel and won’t have much time to code, but in february I’ll get more 20 days, so expect something in middle-march. Our plan is have all bosses working fine – instead of just standing there – and special weapon (coild, jet) working again, and with some luck, get sound working on PS2 and get a build for PSP.


That is it, good christmas and happy new year to everyone!

Playstation 2 Package added

Added PS2 version in the downloads page. For now, sound isn’t working and I could not identify the reason, as my dev enviroenment for the PS2 needs adjusts that I’ll make during the week (I need to buy CDROM medias to burn ps2link with the correct IP configurations for my current network). This version also will NOT work from a burnt CDROM.

I bought a new hardware to be supported soon… wait for news!

Guess wich system is making a comeback?

Thanks ro ragnarok2040 for helping me to compile Rockbot for PS2. Except for the sound and threads that needs to be fixed, things are running just fine for a first build!

Opening Rockbot on PS2



Open Pandora package online

Added Open Pandora package in downloads, thanks to sigma nl for the port!

We are having a hard time to compile the game for Playstation 2, and it shall take a bit long until we sucefully port it as the SDK for this system is not supported for more than two years and no one have the needed knowledge to help us fix the issue with linker. The good news is that a new portable system should soon join the official supported devices, is all goes well.