Hunter’s First Post

Hello, I am Hunter Trammell, an artist helping Iuri with his amazing game, Rockbot: Kyoto Evolution!!


Though while I did have fun playing the game, I think I had more fun re-doing the art, and working on some new art.

But again, this game is AMAZINGLY AWESOME. But be warned; the game is as Tough As Nails! Are You?


The Kyoto police-bots are going to win this fight! Even if they lose all of their lives and Health packs in the process.

This game is well-coded, however there are still glitches and bugs to be squished with the Linux Boots.

[I’m a Windows guy, so… yeah..] If you find any glitches in the PC/Mac/Linux or any other ports, please don’t be upset.

Iuri is hard at work on coding this project, and I’m working on the art and my own projects. [Plus highschool]


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I might do a Q&A or something on here later on down the line of Rockbot’s development.

I want to thank those of you who downloaded and enjoyed the game. It means a lot to us at Upperland.

I hope to see you guys very soon. 🙂

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