Mighty no 9


You all know that Rockbot is inspirated by Mega Man (Rockman) classic game series, and I am a big fan of Kenji Inafune, the designer of the series.

So, well, he left Capcom, that later simply killer all Megaman projects, sadly. So, he is now at his own company, and asked US for help! That is it! We can help out to make a spiritual sucessor of Megaman, a game called Might no 9!

So, you can go to Kickstarter page, and donate money to the project, as I already did of course. For just $20 you can get to fund the game and get it for free when it is launched! And more, they will hear US, the funding team, about HOW we want the game!

Cool, isn’t? We could not be happier with the idea, as Rockbot was also created with the same principle: make the platform action old style games alive!

Please, you also need to donate and help! Let’s do something amazing together.

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