During the last weekend, some retouchs were made into the basic editor tool, that already have a good part of the functionalities from the old editor, and in the game engine to support the new maps format.

One disavantage of the new format is that, contrary to the initial idea of have one file for each map, that we decided to have a fixed number of stages and unified map size in just one file, to make the system programming simpler. The problem is that the size of the file containing the game is now 32 mega bytes, that is not a big problem nowadays, but we still want to lower this value, if possible, using compression with zlib or by using some other alternative.

What is missing are tools like drawing a line or filling with a tile, so the user does not get tired of clicking the mouse button. Besides that, we have to start to organize and implement support to more complex objects like NPCs, movable objects (implementing a second tile level) and other characteristics in order to be able to, at last, create a small game on version 1.0.

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