New Video

[lang_pt-br]Um novo vídeo para mostrar algumas das possibilidades que a versão beta5 nos abre, como simular uma fase de Megaman 9:


[lang_en]A new video to show some of the possibilities that beta5 version opens up, like simulating a stage from Megaman 9:


2 thoughts on “New Video

  1. Well, there are not much news in this cycle. As beta4 was way too buggy, we decided to do mostly bug fixing during this month. So, besides the new menu and some small improvements, what you’ll see is that it just runs better.

    Besides that, for now, we’ll drop the Nintendo DS version because of the big number of bugs on it’s SDL port. Only if I get some free time and get lucky to fix it, it will return. Otherwise, we’ll do a true porting, but that will take a long time, so only when 1.0 is released (that should not be before 1 or 2 years), we’ll do that.

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