Project Firefly Update

After releasing a new version of RockDroid 1 and 2, I am back to work on project codename ‘Firefly’.

New stuff includes a complete rewrite on the way I store data for the stages, now it is organized in Level, a group of several areas; Area that are several rooms with same background, tileset, music and other properties; and room that is a single screen-space containing the tiles. This will make much easier to increment the game in the future and also makes much easier to generate the in-game map.

Also, I’ve added support for sliding while on slopes and fixed a bug that caused player to stop in middle air when jumping over a slope and using left or right direction at same time.

This project will need a lot of time still until near finished, but the base for it is good and will make easier to develop games for it, once I am done with the changes.

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