Thank you Trolls (only not)

This post is for people asking me why Rockbot was removed from store. If you do not want to know about that DO NOT READ and create videos complaining about my personal page, ok AZHL?!

Again Rockbot was removed from the Google Play Store due to “impersonating” other apps.
I don’t use Mega Man or Rockman names, nor do I say I am Capcom or this is an official Megaman game.
I try to avoid to use any copyrighted material, and when I found one left from the past, I launch an update and remove. Yes, the game is suposed to LOOK like Megaman, be similar to it, but with different graphics. Even with that, some people just look at Rockbot and call it Megaman in purple and flag the game as copyright infrigement without even looking at our FAQ that states we want they to tell me if they find a problem.

People think this is just the game image. Look at the arms and legs! Similar is not the same nor a theft.

Not so similar when you put them side by side

I am quite sad. Look, I make this for free, but sometimes it is just not worth the effort in the face of internet trolls. I am tired of this.
If Google don’t tell me what they found wrong, don’t want to remove the suspensional, that is it, Rockbot will be dead in the Play Store. I will keep distributing the APK and put it on Amazon app store, but not on Google anymore. And you know what? Thinking better, I will just make an special version for Google and trolls, only square colors like Atari 2600 games. No graphics at all.

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