You can get current source from GIT from our project page at

Older versions are available here.

  • #1 written by paines
    about 11 years ago


    Is the Sourcecode available ?

    A GP2X / Wiz Port would be cool. Contact me if you are interested.


  • #2 written by admin
    about 11 years ago

    Yes, it is in the project page link here on the page, but you can get directly to there by:

    I’m not doing source tarballs for each release because it is not much stable.
    I would love a GP32 port. I am actually looking to buy one or an Dingoo to port, because the DS port is way too slow, and I wanted to test how it runs on a better platform, such as the gp 32 🙂

  • #3 written by Idcnsqgn
    about 11 years ago

    This site is crazy 🙂

  • #4 written by VasiliyDC
    about 11 years ago

    Hello , can you port it for Dreamcast too ?
    Dreamcast have SDL , OpenGL ports :

    • #5 written by iuri
      about 11 years ago

      Can you please provide a link of a tutorial for developing for dreamcast?
      I can give a try, programming without having the console is a bit hard, because emulators sometimes are not good for homebrew.

  • #6 written by VasiliyDC
    about 11 years ago

    The main updated info is _
    there is an iso with all nessesery tools _ but some component may be alittle outdated and the latest version can be downloaded fron svn by link above .
    also NullDC can emulate homebrew games well , basically if a game work on nulldc it works on read console and i can test it on real console . Forgot to mention that program languages is c/c++

    • #7 written by iuri
      about 11 years ago

      Thanks. I’ll try to install the dev system in my Linux if it works (last update was from 2007).

  • #8 written by VasiliyDC
    about 11 years ago

    You can install it on windows too because it has Cygwin as linux emulator . I have it on XP and that pack is working – i have compiled some stuff some time ago .

    • #9 written by iuri
      about 11 years ago

      Thanks. I’ll take a look on it when I have some free time. Currently I’m rewriting the loading of files to be done at once (like most games do nowadays).

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