Rip Off FAQ

This a Megaman’s Rip Off:

Well, it depends which definition of rip off you meant.

In the sense that it is an inferior imitation, yeah, then it is correct. It is a tribute to Megaman games, and it is a clear inspiration for Rockbot. Also, we don’t have the resources, this is just a homebrew game after all, that Capcom has, nor the millions to develop a single game, so expect quality to be inferior, even if it adds features that original games don’t have.

Now, if you meant the game is a fraud, I’ll have to disagree. This game does not use any Megaman in name or tries to impersonate the game from Capcom. Can you say Shovel Knight is a fraud because  it uses pogo jump from NES’ Duck Tales games?

The characters and story are like megaman:

The character style and story are actually a tribute to Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy, that happens to be the inspiration for Megaman. If you are not familiar with this anime/manga, take a look here and you will recognize in a lot of concepts from it in Megaman games:

Graphics are cleary a copy. Rockbot is just a Megaman in purple:

Looks like you need to look closer. Megaman is the inspiration for the style, but graphics are not copies, but rather made from the ground up. Just check:

Not so similar when you put them side by side

Bats can be seen as similar, but look closer.

Even some very likely tiles can show differences on closer inspection.

Even if not copies, because of people’s complaints, we keep changing art to further differentiate from the inspiration sources. Here you can see how “metool” went from a similar one to a new that is very unlikely.


You say this, but in the past, used copyrighted material:

Yes, we did, mostly because Capcom has a history of not being aggressive against use of their source material in fan games. But we moved away from it, sadly too slowly at the time that the game even was removed from Google’s Play Store. So, we made an effort to clean up things and the game was restored. This is how copyright works, if any complaint is given, you have the chance to remove it and replace with a new one.

I found an art pieces (sound, music or grpahic) that is copyrighted:

Let us know, please write to and we will remove and replace it ASAP.

Capcom will sue you:

Most unlikely, because Capcom frequently promotes Megaman fan games in their Unity community forum, and even supported and distributed a fan game themselves. In case you don’t know, look for Street Fighter vs. Megaman; this was not made by Capcom. In case Capcom notices Rockbot someday, the way it works is that they don’t sue immediately, they have to send a notice to us, and give a chance to remove any material they think infringes copyright, we remove the game from site/stores, then we can give feedback to them with the changes. Only if we do not complain and keep the game online with the copyrighted assets, they can sue us then. As we plan to complain with their requests, if any, things won’t reach so far.