At last, welcome beta2


After much delay (all fault of the Playstation 3, heheh) we are releasing a new version, much improved and expanded, of the Rockbot game and engine.

To get the files, go to out downloads page.

Check the full changes list in the TODO/Changelog file.

A bit of vacation



Hey all. First, my apologies for not updating the blog in such a long time; second, let me explain the lack of news lately. I bought a new 40″ LED/LCD TV and a Playstation 3 console, that, by itself explains why I’m not currently working on Rockbot. 🙂
I’m getting a lot of fun playing some new-gen games, and thus, there is very little time for developing at home; plus, its getting really cold on south hemisphere, so, staying in front of the computer isn’t very compelling. The good news, is that I disliked a lot Megaman 9 and 10, I think the levels are just cheap, with a dificulty that remembers Megaman 1, with traps that are placed not to make things harder, but to just kill the player until he memorizes the whole stage.

I plan to soon resume work on bug fixing and a new missing new features on Rockbot, and to begin, I’ll be adding some changes, such as resolution, that will be now 320×240, that is the size of Dingoo A320 screen and is well supported in PS2. This will not only fix some bugs, but also, better support porting stages from Megaman, as the NES is 224 vertical lines and we were using only 200 so far. Also, each player sprite will have its own size for colision, making it much better.
Next beta also will feature stages filled with enemies instead of empty ones, so keep tuned.


Welcome 1.0 beta 1

It took a bit longer than expected, but Rockbot’s game first 1.0 beta is finally ready. Go to our downloads link to grab it.

We used the time between alpha and this beta not only to fix several issues, as also introduce some interesting news, like charged shot and sliding; thus, this new version can be a pleasant surprise for those who were unhappy with alpha 1.

Changes list is very extense:


– reduce hit push back

– test all stages to assure all can be finished:

– hide map link numbers

– fix rockbot ears color in stairs frame

– check that all stages have checkpoints in valid points and in boss door

stages – TECHNOBOT – scroll is stopping near the end of stage, review

stages – SEAHORSE – needs some adjusts in boss room (use map #3)

stages – DYNAMITE – scroll is stopping in two points, review

– player jump must not be interrupted because out of screen (top)

– showing destrin logo before killing all 8 bosses (due to intro stage)

– implement “demo stage”

– jumping NPC is dying because out of screen 🙂

– holding left/right on transitionScreen is STILL moving player to the wrong place !!!!!! :-/ (was missing reseting the last_scrolled, duh!)

– faster walking sprite movement

– fix 3 pixel diference between jump and jump_attack sprites

– implement checkpoints

– fix character leaving and returning to platform when the platform moves

– fall/fky platforms must slowly return to the original place after activated (thus, must not be destroyed when out-of-screen)

– charged shot is not swapping colors

– implement objects movement

– implement go-up platform (same as fall one, but to top direction)

– fix platform moving player because of head

– fix up/down platform colision (not coliding)

– add OPEN_PANDORA build mode

– if save exists, default cursor position must be “load” instead of “new” game

– bg2 was not being shown in technobot’s stage

– finish colorcycle stages implementation for seahorse and daisiebot

– when on “demo mode”, boss gravity must not stop before half-screen

– bug: platform object types are falling (gravity)

– fix colorcycle showing weird colors

– fix for menu being show and froze after stage selection (input.clean needed)

– add open pandora keys

– add #define for HANDLELD (Dingux/Pandora)

– boss dialog must be controlled outside boss class, using game class instead (fix player being able to move during it)

– reflected projectiles are not being destroyed (thus player can’t shoot anymore)

– find references to “./” and replace by FILEPATH

– stage colorcycle optimization

– fix for menu being show and froze after intro (input.clean needed)

– walk-attack animation is changing quickly

– shot is reflecting on shielded-NPC even when it is attacking

– create face for Milonga

– edit link error (was erasing links if same stop but not same map)

– hiatus in horizontal transition scrolling

– objects need gravity

– when killing a boss that isn’t any of the 8 that give weapon, player must teleport out of screen

– implement boss-room dialog (OK on file-format)

– do not show boss dialog if none was set

– EDITOR: first character or object in editor is not setting the right image filename

– implement all weapons usage

– timed-bomb explosion (morph projectile concept)

– shooting is not making any sound

– implement map bg1, bg2 and bgcolor (different planes)

– implement and review ending

– if hit and pass a door, is moving to the wrong direction (must be using player direction, should use player movement)

– show object makes player, npc, objects and 3rd level of tiles to blink

– fix boss door

– doors from left to right are not locking player/scroll

– scroll has a kind of “kick” when moving after a door

– from left to right scroll-lock is not showing the locked tiles (stops scrolling too early)

– entering a room with doors is moving player to an unknown location

– after shooting some times, you can’t do it anymore (projectiles are not being destroyed?)

– when pushed back by being hit, background is scrolling in the wrong direction

– editor: there is a bug in stage dialog editor

– weapon menu is not showing the right player HP on “normal weapon”

– implement/test load(save) game

– esc on start screen is not making game to leave

– got_weapon for stages other than the 8 should just explode boss and then leave

– crash when loading save and reopening a beaten stage

– crash when using esc at stage selection screen

– after killing apebot, is showing got weapon for “desert scorpion”

– editor: implement weapon edit

– editor: implement stage boss weapon selection

– background color is using wrong data/colors

– background repeat is failing for intro stage

– rework intro

– player shot is not making any sound

– after falling, is not changing from ANIM_TYPE_JUMP to STAND

– dialog accept jump button

– weapons menu coloring selected item

– weapons menu: add delay on change item

– holding a key while on vertical teleport/transition makes the player go to an invalid position out of screen

– implement NPC spawn (as attack or when killed – need adjusts in file and editor)

– seems like game is loading the initial stage twice

– use NPC spawn for mummy bot weapon (scorpion)

– use L/R keys to change between weapons

– implement freeze weapon

– partial implementation for quake (missing damage on NPCs)

– separation for execute and show in characters (used in freeze)

– sound for charging shot

– background1, background2 and background_color into map file-format (not used yet)

– file-format review and freeze (changes will be made from 2.0 to 2.0.1, 2.0.2…)

Where is beta1?

Hello to everybody. Next version of Rockbot (beta1) is taking a bit longer than expected. This is due to the fact that we want to make betas with high quality, equivalent to a release candidate, and for that, we must kill the maximum amount of bugs as possible, and we have, right now, a list of issues that must be solved:

  • colorcycle stops working on non scaled (2x) screens
  • it is not possible to jump off a fall platform
  • not possible to move left or right when player is over a platform

Also, please note we changed our project page and SVN address to:

Reworking intro

For beta1, we are working mostly in bug-fixing and small details, such as this rewoeked intro:

Para a versão beta1 estamos trabalhando principlamente na correção de bugs e pequenos detalhes, tais como a introdução retrabalhada:

Pause for drawing

Development is paused for a while, for us to rest. Meanwhile, we are doing some new artwork and improving ideas, concepts and projecting what will be made on future versions.

Check our new image and ideas at

1.0 pre-beta (alpha) is here!

It took a good while, but the first release of the 1.0 version is here.

before jumping into the download link, it is important to know some facts about this version. If the game is to be compared with the 0.1 release candidate, it will seem to be a bit worse, with more bugs and less functionality; and the reason is that the code was fully rewritten in C++, that makes much easier to add new features but needs that a lot of parts that worked well before have to be redone from ground. Thus, biggest news are in the editor part, that now saves the game into a single file, that will simplify distribution for users, and have a new interface, more organized and with more options and items. Some features in the game include sliding, shielding and charged shot.

OK, now that you are aware about those news, download the game, test it, and tell us what you think about it!


Preparing the release of the first alpha of the Rockbot 1.0 version, wait for it…

Progress Report

Starting the new year with lots of coding and new stuff in Rockbot. Check out in the following video!

Editor Progress Report