Rockbot 2 FAQ

When the full version will be ready?

It may sound as an excuse, but we don’t know. Right now, there are two person only working on it.

Iuri Fiedoruk mantains this site, facebook, google plus, twitter, deviantart accounts; creates concept-art; code both the game-engine and game-editor; create pixel-art for stages tilesets; create/edit the stages and enemies; build and publish the Android betas for the free version. All in his free time from daily work. Another person, Boberatu, creates pixel-art for enemies and bosses occasionally.

As you can see, there is a lot of work, a little number of people and we still don’t make money from the game to spend all our free time on it. Even with this all, we plan to release the game until the end of 2017. When we move closer to the end of development, we’ll let you know a release date.


Will Rockbot 2 be paid?

Yes it will. The reason, as state in previous question, is that we use our free time to create the games, and not only don’t get any money from it, right now, but instead have to pay for equipments like mobile phones, computer stations to code it in or devices to port the game into, so we end loosing money with it.

While it is fun creating things for fun and free, to achieve desired quality, and to keep making more games in the future and support the maximum number of devices we can, we need funding. We tried to get money in other ways such as patreon, but no one simply cared.

We’ll keep the price as low as possible, we don’t want each person who plays the game to spend a lot on it, but that we have a great number of people donating just a bit.