Levou mais tempo que o desejado, mas o primeiro beta da versão 1.0 do jogo Rockbot finalmente está pronto. Vá para nossa página de downloads para pegar sua cópia.

Nós usamos o tempo entre a versão alfa e este beta para não apenas corrigir inúmeros problemas, como também introduzir algumas novidades interessantes, como tiro carregado e escorregão; portanto esta nova versão pode ser uma grata surpresa para quem ficou desapontado com o alfa.

A lista de modificações é bastante extensa:


– reduce hit push back

– test all stages to assure all can be finished:

– hide map link numbers

– fix rockbot ears color in stairs frame

– check that all stages have checkpoints in valid points and in boss door

stages – TECHNOBOT – scroll is stopping near the end of stage, review

stages – SEAHORSE – needs some adjusts in boss room (use map #3)

stages – DYNAMITE – scroll is stopping in two points, review

– player jump must not be interrupted because out of screen (top)

– showing destrin logo before killing all 8 bosses (due to intro stage)

– implement “demo stage”

– jumping NPC is dying because out of screen 🙂

– holding left/right on transitionScreen is STILL moving player to the wrong place !!!!!! :-/ (was missing reseting the last_scrolled, duh!)

– faster walking sprite movement

– fix 3 pixel diference between jump and jump_attack sprites

– implement checkpoints

– fix character leaving and returning to platform when the platform moves

– fall/fky platforms must slowly return to the original place after activated (thus, must not be destroyed when out-of-screen)

– charged shot is not swapping colors

– implement objects movement

– implement go-up platform (same as fall one, but to top direction)

– fix platform moving player because of head

– fix up/down platform colision (not coliding)

– add OPEN_PANDORA build mode

– if save exists, default cursor position must be “load” instead of “new” game

– bg2 was not being shown in technobot’s stage

– finish colorcycle stages implementation for seahorse and daisiebot

– when on “demo mode”, boss gravity must not stop before half-screen

– bug: platform object types are falling (gravity)

– fix colorcycle showing weird colors

– fix for menu being show and froze after stage selection (input.clean needed)

– add open pandora keys

– add #define for HANDLELD (Dingux/Pandora)

– boss dialog must be controlled outside boss class, using game class instead (fix player being able to move during it)

– reflected projectiles are not being destroyed (thus player can’t shoot anymore)

– find references to “./” and replace by FILEPATH

– stage colorcycle optimization

– fix for menu being show and froze after intro (input.clean needed)

– walk-attack animation is changing quickly

– shot is reflecting on shielded-NPC even when it is attacking

– create face for Milonga

– edit link error (was erasing links if same stop but not same map)

– hiatus in horizontal transition scrolling

– objects need gravity

– when killing a boss that isn’t any of the 8 that give weapon, player must teleport out of screen

– implement boss-room dialog (OK on file-format)

– do not show boss dialog if none was set

– EDITOR: first character or object in editor is not setting the right image filename

– implement all weapons usage

– timed-bomb explosion (morph projectile concept)

– shooting is not making any sound

– implement map bg1, bg2 and bgcolor (different planes)

– implement and review ending

– if hit and pass a door, is moving to the wrong direction (must be using player direction, should use player movement)

– show object makes player, npc, objects and 3rd level of tiles to blink

– fix boss door

– doors from left to right are not locking player/scroll

– scroll has a kind of “kick” when moving after a door

– from left to right scroll-lock is not showing the locked tiles (stops scrolling too early)

– entering a room with doors is moving player to an unknown location

– after shooting some times, you can’t do it anymore (projectiles are not being destroyed?)

– when pushed back by being hit, background is scrolling in the wrong direction

– editor: there is a bug in stage dialog editor

– weapon menu is not showing the right player HP on “normal weapon”

– implement/test load(save) game

– esc on start screen is not making game to leave

– got_weapon for stages other than the 8 should just explode boss and then leave

– crash when loading save and reopening a beaten stage

– crash when using esc at stage selection screen

– after killing apebot, is showing got weapon for “desert scorpion”

– editor: implement weapon edit

– editor: implement stage boss weapon selection

– background color is using wrong data/colors

– background repeat is failing for intro stage

– rework intro

– player shot is not making any sound

– after falling, is not changing from ANIM_TYPE_JUMP to STAND

– dialog accept jump button

– weapons menu coloring selected item

– weapons menu: add delay on change item

– holding a key while on vertical teleport/transition makes the player go to an invalid position out of screen

– implement NPC spawn (as attack or when killed – need adjusts in file and editor)

– seems like game is loading the initial stage twice

– use NPC spawn for mummy bot weapon (scorpion)

– use L/R keys to change between weapons

– implement freeze weapon

– partial implementation for quake (missing damage on NPCs)

– separation for execute and show in characters (used in freeze)

– sound for charging shot

– background1, background2 and background_color into map file-format (not used yet)

– file-format review and freeze (changes will be made from 2.0 to 2.0.1, 2.0.2…)