The road ahead


1.0.3 was the last version on 1.0 series. The question that arises then is, what now?

There won’t be, for now, a Rockbot 2, simply because we do not have any artists to create graphics for bosses, enemies and stages. Also, I’m with little free time lately, you know, I like to play games besides creating them.


That does not mean I will not work on Rockbot anymore neither a new version won’t exist, it will, but it will look a lot like Rockbot 1. I’ve set up a planning for next releases and I want to share it with the community in hope that, while developing it, someone shows up to help with graphics, stage design and other artistic stuff. Here is what is planned:

  • Version 1.1:
    • reformuled file-structure that use smaller sizes when possible, lowering memory usage. and adding support for all forecast features.
    • armor pieces.
    • in-game store and bolts usage.
    • replace capcom sounds for free ones.
    • replace capcom graphics for free ones.
    • slippery terrain type.
    • ports for OSX, iOS and PS2 CDROM.
  • Version 1.2:
    • editable intro.
    • editable ending.
    • trophies.
    • simultaneous 2 player support (offline).
    • add effect (snow, rain, dark, auto-scrolling) to stage.
  • Version 1.3:
    • network play (if platform supports it).
    • google play support in Android (cloud thophies and save).


Also, I want that with Rockbot 1.1 you are able to create a game almost identical to megaman 1 and with 1.2 games like MM 2 and 3. Rockbot was created to port Megaman 9 to older systems, and this goal is making a comeback ;)

1.0.3 is out, have fun!


First, let me explain:the 1.0.2 version was released only for Android. This is because I’ve found some bugs and felt the version wasn’t really ready, but needed a urgent fix for Android users. This version have some important bug fixes and improved the game a bit. I now started working on 1.1 version, that will have lots of new feature I’ll tell you guys later.


Changes in 1.0.3:

- fix stage boss jumping out of screen
- fix player falling beyond floor after dying to a boss
- password now stores the selected player
- restart stage music after dying to a boss
- fix Ape walking midair
- better control on player speed
- better speed limit (40 fps)
- lower touch damage


As usual, you can get it from our downloads page. Some ports will be released later, we now have both 32 and 64 bits Linux based on Ubuntu and Mint.

Sad replanning


People asked me for Rockbot 2.

I listened. I wanted.

I then asked for help. Just a little, just some ideas, a few drafts.

No one answered. Not a single one.


This is a one person project, no matter what I do. And this person here started on a new job that takes 9h/day and lots of effort, meaning no free time to create graphics.

Unless I win the lottery and have money to pay an artist/designer, a Rockbot 2 won’t exist. What I will do is keep pushing slowly some updates and improvements in the game core, change some features and invest a lot in the editor.

Want Rockbot 2? Then start making graphics, mockups or ideas, even if you just draw with a pencil, and send me to

But Rockbot 1.1 and 1.2 WILL happen.

1.0.1 is out


This minor release fixes several bugs and have revamped graphics for Mummy Bot’s stage. Get it from the downloads page.
- Removed down+jump for sliding on Android and added a button because touch controls aren’t precise
- Reworked Mummy Bot stage’s graphics
- Better speed for Rockbot by allowing decimal move-speed for players
- Fix getting on stairs out of position
- Enemies must not leave or enter water
- Better handling of save game error showing warning to user
- Enemies don’t drop lifes anymore
- Save icon in Playstation 2
- Better speed in Dingux
- Slower text in intro
- Fix crashes for Seahorse moving in spikes and spawning enemeis
- Fix items blocking player movement for a while
- Drop objects preload avoids slowdowns during game
- NPCs don’t move on wall-locked regions

Small Update


Dingux versionw as updated with fixes to run on old Dingux versions. Also, a CDROM version for Playstation 2 was added, you just need to burn the ISO file into a CD, put in the drive of a modded console and it will run, the saves will now be stored in the memory card #1.

Rockbot 1.0.0 released!!



After five years in development, several 0.1 versions, a lot of betas and one RC, we finally are ready to launch the first stable version of Rockbot, 1.0.0!




It still have some bugs, issues and improvements in mind for the future, but we worked really hard to fix all important problems and this new release is solid and contains a ton of fixes and small touch that make us very proud. There are several Mega Man engines out there, but you will find Rockbot’s unique features as really great multi-platform ports and an editor that allows you to change almost all aspects of the game a plus for people looking not only to play a game, but also to create their own.


You can get the binaries and source-code in the downloads page, a famicom-like manual can be accessed from here.


New in this version:


  • Fixed cumulative memory usage due to not releasing memory NPC and Object lists when finishing stage
  • Fixed memory leaks in projectile, map and stage objects
  • Reduced package sizes for some platforms
  • Do not show empty-text dialogs
  • Several small graphics positioning fixes
  • Add “breath” bubble when player is underwater
  • Add several people who helped in the credits
  • The credits on intro screen now show the same credits from the ending, avoiding duplication
  • Android port now correctly upgrades data when installing a new version over an older one
  • Android back key now is equivalent to “ESC”
  • Add elegant “leave” message and confirmation dialog. Update code to not use exit() unless critical.
  • Do not show dash/shield buttons on Android’s on-screen touch controls
  • Fix player sliding out of screen
  • Fix 3rd-level tiles not showing when doing the boss door animation
  • Windows now have an installer
  • Pandora build and package
  • Several fixes in NPC Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Remove unused code
  • Windows and Linux now save data to user home directory, allowing multiple users to have their own saves in same computer
  • Faster screen transitions
  • Fix platforms not returning after used, even if player dies
  • Improve stairs leaving and grabbing and making impossible for player to grab it once hit while on stairs
  • Reviewed stages and re-balanced difficulty
  • Fix freeze weapon not working or stopping whole NPCs after leaving stage
  • NPC jump includes collision detection
  • Added icon and background for PSP port
  • Teleport animation for Coil/Jet items. Do not allow to use it inside a wall.
  • Several fixes for game freezing and other issues that avoided one to finish the game
  • Avoid using SDL_SetColors as much as possible, as this is the most time-expensive method used
  • Several other fixes

Windows Installer Package


Added a Windows installer package to the downloads page.

Almost there



It is with enormous pleasure that we do the kick off for version 1.0 our our dear game/engine, Mega Man(Rockman)-style. In a long journey we faced several obstacles working on each person free time without any gains, but happy with the acknowledge that Rockbot already received, even without a real stable version.

Rememberings aside, what the RC in this version name means? RC is short for Release Candidate, a version already stable and polished enought to even becode the final release; that is not the case of Rockbot, as we already have plans for a second RC. In short, no new features to be implemented, no critical bugs (except for a feew platform-specific) must exists until the final version to be released, after what we start working on 1.1 that will be just an incremental release, nothing radical.

A warning for Android users: due to a limitation in the native SDK, you must uninstall previous version before installing a new one. We are looking for a solution to this issue, so users can upgrade it normally.

  • All stages were revised and improved
  • New port for Nintendo Wii (thanks to Akira Faganello for testing)
  • Platforms now have some nice animation when activated
  • Editor supports “beaten” mode to see how finished stages will look if revisited
  • Editor can swap stages order
  • Better weapon balance and vulnerabilities
  • Fixes for Dynamite when he uses freeze on player
  • Direct correspondence between stage-number and weapon-number
  • Fixes in colorcycle
  • Clean editor code to remove several uneeded pointers
  • New images for Android on-screen controls
  • Reordered stages (skullcastle#1 was the 5th one)
  • Fixes for weapons not showing in the weapons-menu
  • Freeze weapon shoots normal projectiles after activated
  • Improved intro
  • Improved ending
  • Better intangible timing after hit (both player, enemies and bosses)
  • Improve config menu, ask for restart when changing video mode, change keys.

As usual, the game can be obtained from our downloads page.

Hunter’s First Post


Hello, I am Hunter Trammell, an artist helping Iuri with his amazing game, Rockbot: Kyoto Evolution!!


Though while I did have fun playing the game, I think I had more fun re-doing the art, and working on some new art.

But again, this game is AMAZINGLY AWESOME. But be warned; the game is as Tough As Nails! Are You?


The Kyoto police-bots are going to win this fight! Even if they lose all of their lives and Health packs in the process.

This game is well-coded, however there are still glitches and bugs to be squished with the Linux Boots.

[I'm a Windows guy, so... yeah..] If you find any glitches in the PC/Mac/Linux or any other ports, please don’t be upset.

Iuri is hard at work on coding this project, and I’m working on the art and my own projects. [Plus highschool]


My Facebook:


My Twitter:


My Youtube:


I might do a Q&A or something on here later on down the line of Rockbot’s development.

I want to thank those of you who downloaded and enjoyed the game. It means a lot to us at Upperland.

I hope to see you guys very soon. :)

Rockbot 1.0 – beta 6 released


This is a higly improved version over the previous one, with several bugs fixed. We hope you enjoy it!

Available in the downloads page.

Improvements in this version:

  • Highly improved artificial inteligence
  • Several new enemies
  • New logos for Upperland and Mega Man’s 25th anniversary
  • Game over when lives goes under zero
  • Several corrections and improvements in editor
  • Parabole function for jumps ad projectiles
  • Higher time for enemies and bosses invencible time after hit
  • Higher damage taken by player
  • Positioning use float points for exact diagonal to a point
  • Selection between Rockbot and Betabot is done only on “new game”
  • Better credits on ending
  • Better graphics from our new partner Hunter Trammell
  • Better speed on Playstation 2 and PSP
  • Better stage backgrounds
  • Bigger initial stage size
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